Tuesday, April 28, 2009

the project that killed my sewing machine...but was totally worth it

Once upon a time, in a corner of The Green Forest, there lived a certain wood-nymph.

She was generally a happy sort of creature,

though she was rather lonely. You see, there weren't very many of the faerie folk in that part of the Forest, and the little dryad didn't have any friends.

But one day, a pixie spied her from behind a tree, and wanted to get acquainted.

The wood nymph was shy at first, not being used to strangers.

But she politely agreed to shake hands, and they went walking down the lane.

Feeling rather dancey, they twirled their way through the woods.

Then they played hide and seek...

picked wild flowers...

and had a tea party.

They decided to be friends.

The end.



  1. Aw I LOVE it! You put it together very nicely.

  2. thanks! Hannah, good job on the picture-taking and editing

  3. Thank goodness for the self timer! :) We need to do a project like that again someday. Long distance sewing together is fun!

  4. thats so cute and i love the skirts,

  5. haha I love the story...but what about the dead fairy ending? You left that part out!

  6. i didn't like that ending. our pictures left several options. if you want the fairy to die, write your own story. ;-P

  7. Aww very nice, dont make the fairy die! :) great work

  8. i just love that shirt
    and wondering how to do it... :)

  9. I like to read this fairy story over and over. I'm glad the fairy didn't have to die. "I believe in fairies...I believe in fairies......"