Sunday, December 5, 2010

i dare you

hello, little neglected blog. sorry i've been MIA for the past month. things have been a little crazy. i guess i'm due for a "life update." i have a pressing appointment to get to (well, really i'm just late for my Sunday afternoon nap), so i'm gonna stick with the short version for now.

first of all, i have a dare for anyone who might be reading this. i dare you to tell God you're not going to do something, to say to Him "no, never, not me." seriously, just try it. He has a wacky sense of humor. although i'm not in the habit of shaking my fist at the sky and saying no to God, i have definitely had the "not me, never, no way" attitude with some things before that is basically the same as saying no to God. when i make those decisions before even consulting with Him, without even praying about things, but then later try my hardest to get my life aligned with His will, i find that His will often takes me right back to the thing i had already decided against. and then i have no choice but to throw up my hands, laugh at myself, and go where He takes me. a few examples:

when i went to school out of state, i had no intention of returning to Texas, except on vacations to visit family. over the course of 4 years God changed my mind, and after graduation i wound up in Austin, Texas for 2 years.

from my very first anatomy & physiology class to the day i walked across that stage, i hated cardiology. i had to study the heart twice as much as anything else to understand it, and i vowed never to be a cardiology nurse. those 2 years i lived in Austin were spent as a nurse on a cardiology/telemetry floor.

when i first heard of the concept of travel nursing my senior year of college, i thought "that will never be me, it's a crazy idea, i would definitely hate that kind of life." i've been a travel nurse for over a year now.

in June, 2010 i took a job in Temple, Texas - it was the first job offer i got after 3 months of unemployment due to a broken ankle, and i was getting desperate for work. i arrived in Temple, took a look around, and immediately thought "yeah, i'll stick this out for my 13-week commitment, then i'm outta here. this is not the town for me." after a very hectic summer i didn't have the energy to look for another job, so i extended my contract, thinking "3 more months - i'll save up some money, then head to New Mexico or someplace." well, the 3 months have gone by very quickly, and i'm blown away by how much has happened in such a short amount of time. to an outsider looking in on my life it may not look like much has happened, but it really seems like it has - in my life, in my heart, in my relationship with God and with new friends He has given me. so...long story short, i'm staying in Temple...for another 3 months :)

"The Lord will accomplish what concerns me." ~Psalm 138:8