Wednesday, January 27, 2010

quick update

so i guess i'm not very good at the blogging thing. sorry. i'll try to be better.

just a quick update/recap on my life, so i can move on and my millions of readers (ok, maybe 2 or 3 readers) won't be lost:

i just spent 3 months on my first travel nursing assignment in Lafayette, Colorado. that's in the suburbs in-between Denver and Boulder. it was a good first assignment, not too challenging or overwhelming. i was doing the same type of nursing i got trained for in Austin - telemetry/cardiac. it was my first time working night shift, and that was tough. i was tired almost all of the time, since i still tried to do stuff during the day on my days off. but half the time i just slept on my days off, so i didn't get to do everything i wanted to while i was in Colorado. i did get to learn how to snowboard though, which was hard but awesome. i discovered muscles i never knew i had, fell on my face a million times, and sprained my wrist, but had a great time. oh, and my family came up for Christmas, which was wonderful.

anyway, now the Colorado job is over and i have 2 weeks off, which i'm spending in Texas visiting family and friends. then on February 6 i'm going to start another 3-month job in Reno, Nevada. doing the same type of nursing, but this time day shift - hooray! :) Reno looks like a fun place, despite all the drinking and gambling. when i was at the doctor for a check-up the other day, i mentioned i was going to Reno and he just starting laughing and said "haha! sin city number 2!" that's not why i'm going there - i promise.

well, i'll try to be more faithful about updating my blog over the next few months. oh, and Hannah and i are having a costume party this weekend. i'll be sure to post pictures. :)

Monday, January 11, 2010

i have a dragon

after crocheting for 16 years, i finally decided to try out amigurumi. i think it turned out pretty well for a first attempt. :)