Monday, January 11, 2010

i have a dragon

after crocheting for 16 years, i finally decided to try out amigurumi. i think it turned out pretty well for a first attempt. :)


  1. Aw, It's so adorable---er---fierce! What's its name? What pattern did you use?

  2. she doesn't have a name yet. any ideas? this is the pattern i used:
    oh, i just realized i haven't sewn on the claws yet. oops. craftster wouldn't let me upload my photos last night, so i haven't posted it yet.

  3. I love her wings! They're so batlike. She's a cool dragon.

    Well, you probably don't want me to name your dragon because the last dragon name I picked (for my story in the novel in a month contest thing) was "Wren". As in the cute little songbird... :P