Saturday, April 11, 2009

the best of both worlds?

Well, I had an unexpected experience last night. My 11-yr old niece is in town visiting her dad for the weekend. I really wanted to see her, but had to work all weekend, so I didn't think I'd get to. But then they sent me home at 3 instead of 7 yesterday, so I had the afternoon free. After work I went for a run, then texted my brother to see if I could come by his house and say hi, so I'd at least get to see Bailey for a little while before she went back to Houston. He texted back, "You wanna take her to see Hannah Montana at the movies? I don't want to do it."

Two hours later I was sitting in a movie theater surrounded by giddy little girls, kindly mothers, and 2 or 3 fathers, whom I pitied but greatly admired. I knew nothing about Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus, except that she's a very sparkly, lip-glossed singer of cute hip-hop songs that pre-teen girls seem to adore. Needless to say, I had very low expectations of this movie. But hey, I got to spend 2 hrs with my niece, so it was worth it. Actually, it wasn't nearly as painful an experience as I expected. I was impressed that the movie stuck to the G rating and had some decent "family is important" values thrown in there.

I was a little confused about the ending. See, the tagline of the movie is "She has the best of both, she has to choose just one." The whole plot was about this girl choosing whether to be a world-famous singer, or a small-town girl with a loving family and normal relationships. At the end, she decides to return to her roots and just be a Tennessee girl. It's a very feel-good moment, and everybody's happy when Miley realizes that home and family are more important than the glamour of L.A. But THEN, her adoring fans beg her to change her mind, put her blond wig back on, and go on being their hip-hop superstar idol. And she DOES! So the moral of the story really can have the best of both worlds...and you don't have to pick just one? Huh? *sigh* Oh well.

I'm a good auntie, I am.


  1. HAHAHA, you are a good Auntie. I don't pretend to understand Hannah Montana, but there are a lot worse role models for kids out there. Guess they couldn't give up Miley Cyrus being Hannah Montana...

  2. you're right, there are certainly worse role models. i really was impressed with how clean the movie was. it just didn't make sense to me. but then, i don't think any of the little girls the movie was intended for will really notice, or care.