Saturday, October 1, 2011

Prayer Room

The other day I wrote a little about the 72-hour prayer room we set up for the nurses. We weren't sure how many people would want to participate, but every slot was full, and the hospital was covered in prayer for 72 hours straight! It was refreshing to come together like that and remember why we're here, doing what we're doing. It was also very unifying - everyone did more than just pray, we all left behind notes and verses and encouragement for the people who would come after us. Last night, when the 72 hours were up, we all got together outside on Deck 7 for a tea party to share our experiences from the past few days. I managed to take a few pictures before they had to take everything down and turn the area back into the storage room it was before.

sign-up sheet, with every slot filled

pictures of patients, surrounded by sticky-notes of prayers and verses

communion was set up the whole time

we are His hands and feet

prayers for people all over the world

tea party :)

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  1. I am so blessed to have been part of Mercy Ships and such part of such a wonderful nursing team. You are all an inspiration and I am so happy to know the hospital was covered wit prayer for this amount of time!How amazing!Thankfully we have a God who can handle that much prayer :0) Well done to everyone who created this fantastic event x