Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Max-fax patients

A couple of weeks ago I got to spend a few hours in the operating rooms, observing various surgeries. I went back and forth between the max-fax, ENT, and plastics rooms, but spent the majority of my time in the max-fax room. I watched Dr. Gary remove a massive bony tumor that I think was caused by fibrous dysplasia. During the next several days, I had the priviledge of being the nurse assigned to the spunky eleven-year-old girl, Comfort, whose surgery I watched. Comfort usually had a smile on her face, especially after I took out her feeding tube and let her start eating real food again. She liked to hold and play with the babies on the ward, sing and clap with us during ward worship, and take pictures whenever the photographer came through.
Comfort and her sister are staying at the Hope Center now, and will be going home to Liberia (I think - maybe it's Nigeria, I'm not sure) in a few days. Pray that the tumor doesn't come back, and that Comfort regains normal muscle control as the swelling goes down.

We've been enjoying all the babies we've had on the ward lately:


  1. Thanks for being there for those sweet children Ruth. I know the love and care you are giving them is making a difference in their lives. And oh my goodness, all those sweet little babies to hold! Love you, Mom

  2. What amazing things they do for the max-fax patients! Wow. And MORE BABIES!!! They are so cute and you look rather adorable getting some snuggles from that sleepy sweetie!

  3. I'm so proud of you... you are a wonderful woman. I love you dearly.