Saturday, July 23, 2011

this week's recap

Well, my walk into town to visit the market on Monday didn't happen. Sunday night, about half of our group that went to the beach came down with a nasty case of food poisoning and we spent the day in our beds. Our sweet friend Rachael became our private nurse, and visited everyone in their cabins bringing us gatorade, bread, and encouragement.

My stomach's been a little upset all week, but I was well enough Tuesday to go back to work for night shift. All was quiet on the ward for 3 nights in a row - which was good for our patients, but made it very hard to stay awake! I got a lot of reading done this week, while listening to the heavy breathing of sleeping patients and their family members. The only "exciting" thing that happened at work this week was finding my little 4-year old (see the last picture) asleep without his bandage on, and having to get my coworkers to hold him still for me while I did a dressing change at 3 am.

Last week the photographer took some pictures in the wards, so here are a few of the patients I've been caring for the past couple of weeks. The first 3 are out on deck 7, where we take the patients out for an hour every afternoon to get some fresh air, and to let the kids run off some of their energy.

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  1. Wow, thanks for the post, Ruth! You are such a blessing to all of these people. I love your pictures!

    Hopefully, the sickness that you've experienced is over for a while... :P