Tuesday, June 28, 2011

views from deck 8

Here are some pictures I took from Deck 8 (the top of the ship) the other day. It was kind of cloudy, but that's just going to get worse now that we're getting into rainy season.

Port side, toward the ocean. When it's not cloudy it's nice to sit out and watch the sun set over the water. There are lawn chairs up on the deck and always someone sitting out there.

Starboard side. This is the dock. You can see the gangway up toward the front of the ship, and behind it those tents are where they do admissions before bringing patients on board to the hospital. All those white vehicles belong to Mercy Ships.

Looking past all the containers on the pier, you can see the mountains in the background.

On the other side of that funnel thing in the bottom right of this picture, is a corner of the dock where it's nice to sit and listen to the waves crash against the rocks. You can smell smoke from people's cooking fires, and sometimes hear kids playing on the beach. I was sitting there with some friends the other day and a man came rowing by in a little boat and called out to us: "Hello, good people! How are you? Thank you for the good work you are doing here."



  1. I don't speak ship language. So I read this post and my head went something like this, "Blah blah water blah blah blah Mercy Ship blah blah blah mountains blah blah blah funnel thing." HAHA! But I LOVE seeing what you see every day. Keep the pictures coming. :)

  2. Port - left side of ship looking forward, Jen. Starboard - right side of ship looking forward. Bow -front and stern is rear. If you are going aft...it is toward the stern :-)And that is the sum total of my knowledge of ship speak! And I love seeing the pictures too :-D

  3. very cool honey... If I was there I'd love to sit on the dock with you like we do at the dam....My prayers are with you.


  4. What cool pictures! Can't wait to see more. Your corner spot sounds lovely. Miss you, Ruth! :)