Friday, October 1, 2010

farewell to a faithful friend

i'd like to have a moment of silence for my faithful stethoscope, whose auscultating days have come to an end. this was my first stethoscope, the one i received from my nursing instructors in school. it's helped me listen to countless crackles, wheezes, S1's, S2's, murmurs, bowel sounds, and bruits. it even helped get me out of a speeding ticket once. about a month ago i felt a scratch on my neck where my stethoscope was hanging. to my dismay, i discovered that it was cracked. my response? medical tape!

but to no avail. tape was just a temporary fix. it's time to face the truth.

so sad!

so i finally bit the bullet and bought a new one. which is...exactly the same as the old one.

i shall now re-tape my old broken-down friend and station it in my car, to enjoy it's retirement as "decoration." ;)


  1. Poor little stethoscope. . . he's been replaced. :(

  2. "decoration". Right. hahaha.
    Farewell old stethoscope!

  3. Decoration and ticket prevention :-)

  4. yay! you've updated! My respects to the stethoscope. Sorry for your loss.