Sunday, May 23, 2010

my sister got hitched!

once upon a time, there was this beautiful girl

and a boy with an awesome mustache.

they fell in love,

and decided to get married.

so they rounded up their friends and family,

got all dolled up,

and had a party.

there were a few tears,

lots of smiles,

and smooching, of course!

some grandmas were there

and some pretty adorable babies.

everyone ate yummy food
and danced the night away.

now they're busy living happily ever after.
the end.


  1. Ruth, you are soooo good at these illustrated stories. You could do the most fun childrens books!

  2. Great way to tell a sweet story!

  3. Very cute! A fun way to see the wedding - and I totally agree with your mom!

    (but at the end the print changed to black and it was very hard to read - you need to make it white like the beginning)

  4. thanks everyone!

    i don't know why the font did that. i think i fixed it.