Tuesday, February 23, 2010

i wish my car was 4-wheel drive

Well, everyone back home seems to be posting on blog and facebook all about the miraculous Texas snowfall, so I might as well talk about snow too. :) The past week or so, it's been sunny and warm here in Reno. It's felt like spring, and I was loving it! I got to go on long walks outside instead of working out in the gym (which I sort of detest, but do anyway cause I feel good when I'm in shape). Saturday morning I went on one of these delightful walks. Then by Saturday evening it was getting chilly and thick clouds were descending, covering the nearby mountains. I went to a service at a church down the road from me, and by the time I left to go home there was about an inch of snow on the ground. I didn't think much of it, having just spent 3 months in Colorado. But I didn't realize that it would just continue to snow harder and harder throughout the night. It was still snowing hard when I got up at 5 the next morning to get ready for work. Despite the new tires I got on my car in Colorado, it still tends to slip and slide a little, and I really hate driving in snow and ice. I left about 20 minutes early, waded through at least 6 inches of the stuff to get to my car, and crept along at about 20 or 30 mph on the highway to get to work. People around here might be more used to driving in the stuff than Texans, but I passed quite a few cars stranded in the ditches. I finally made it to work, where nobody had thought to plow the parking lot, and somehow managed to park my car. I waded in to the hospital, thanking God I'd survived and hoping that everyone scheduled to work that day would make it. I guess they did, cause it was a pretty decent day. Every time I looked out the window I saw more fat flakes coming down, and tried not to think about when I'd have to dig my car out of the parking lot in the dark after work. By that time, thought, the parking lot had been plowed, and the roads weren't too terrible. I did pass 2 accidents on the highway, and even more cars stuck in the ditch. Sometimes I wish I could have experienced snow when I was a kid, back before it would start giving me heart failure. :) Needless to say, I'm looking forward to spring.

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  1. Spring! YAY! Me too. And yes there is snow here, but it's pathetic snow. It doesn't stick, it just makes everything look dreary and it's just plain silly.

    Sounds like something I wouldn't want to deal with! :P Of course, we've established that I must be where it is warm. I get cold too easily. ;)